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Since its creation, Ennesys has invested heavily in Research and Development. With their own internal team of scientists, they have multiplied the number of collaborations, especially with large French institutes, schools and laboratories.

Some exemples ?

With the Building’s Scientific and Technical Centre

The Building’s Scientific and Technical Centre (CSTB- link) plays a supporting role and applies its expertise in the treatment of urban sewage, thermal insulation of PBRs and local energy recovery.

The CSTB and Ennesys work closely together to facilitate the integration of Ennesys’s process within buildings in France.

With the National Institute of Agronomic Research

The INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique – National Institute of Agronomic Research) of Narbonne carries out research based on the concept of environmental biorefinery.

Since July 2014, as part of the deployment of its R&D roadmap, Ennesys has signed a partnership agreement with INRA. In particular, it includes a technological platform, which is being set up within the Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory (LBE- lien), in Narbonne.

With the Process and Materials Engineering Laboratory at the École Centrale

The Process and Materials Engineering Laboratory (LGPM) of the École Centrale in Paris has cross-disciplinary skills in the process Engineering sector.


For some ten years, the Bioprocesses team at LGPM has been particularly interested in the cultivation of micro-algae and photosynthetic microorganisms, for applications such as the production of molecules for specific purposes, the destruction of pollutants and capturing CO2. It is not, therefore, surprising that since 2012, the LGPM and Ennesys have been developing new applications of micro-algae cultivation together! The joint research focuses, in particular, on the modelling of wastewater treatment.

With the Centre of Energy Efficiency of Systems (CES) of Paris-Palaiseau

The Centre of Energy Efficiency of Systems (CES) of Paris-Palaiseau, centre of joint research of ARMINES and the Paris School of Mines, is skilled in energy and process engineering.

Ennesys is working with the CES on the modelling of a photo-bioreactor for algae cultivation, for building façades.



Ennesys intends to protect its system and its innovative applications. The purpose is to be able to offer their clients and sponsors solutions that are better suited to their needs.

They are therefore working on expanding their Research and Development patent portfolio.

Decembre 2012

4 new patents, three of which were bought from an American company

March 2012

Filing of the first patent on the focussed on the system’s capacity to regulate the thermal units of building facades.